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We are two Bilkent faculty who are keen to share our ideas and experiences with you about blended learning.

Blended learning gives you a good opportunity to develop student learning outcomes by combining the best of face to face learning in the classroom with online learning.

We aimed to provide a simple, quick and useful guide for designing and implementing blended learning courses. In this web page we aim to share new resources and we are planning to post our thoughts about some topics regarding the content of the Guide.

Can Kültür

Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education


Dr. Eric Williams

Graduate School of Education

How to reach the Guide

The guide will be distributed firstly to the Bilkent instructors who uses course management systems like Moodle and BeCampus. Then it will be distributed in the instructional technology related events (seminars, workshops, ...). If you are an instructor in Bilkent University and interested in this guide please contact with Can Kultur (  Ext: 3362)

Links to the resources given in the guide

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  Module 2


  Module 3


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